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The following is a list of the services we customarily provide in litigation matters, and their respective costs. Although the requirements of each case vary, this list will serve as a fairly accurate guide for budget purposes:



1. Consult with contractors during estimating phase -

Minimum Each Meeting = $500.00

2. Interrogatories Consult (Half day minimum) -

Each Half Day = $500.00

3. Deposition Preparation and Appearance (Full day minimum and billed in Full day increments) -

Each Full Day = $1000.00


4. Pre-trial meeting with attorney -

Minimum Each Meeting = $500.00


5. Other meetings and/or inspections -

Minimum Each Meeting/Inspection = $500.00


6. Trial Preparation and Appearance (Full day minimum and billed in Full day increments)-

Each Day = $1000.00


7. Additional consultations and/or preparation time as required, including the processing and review of case related documents, and the issuance of letters and/or reports either written or verbal. -

Each Hour = $125.00



The foregoing costs are for Herman L. Sigmond's time. Full Day and Half Day charges are predicated on an eight-hour workday, including startup and shutdown time. No supplementary charges will be added, except for photographs, automobile mileage and other documented case-related expenses. Cost records are customarily furnished with each statement/invoice.